What is Biohacking

Bio-optimization: The Science and Art of Biohacking

How quickly does cutting-edge research in the Life Sciences trickle down to the medical establishment in addressing your health needs? “Not-Fast-Enough!” Fortunately, a small, but growing number of scientific researchers and progressive medical practitioners are addressing this shortcoming. These individuals share in common an unwillingness to accept the ‘status quo’ as a rational means in which to go about achieving optimal health and well-being. Such individuals are collectively known as ‘biohackers”. Biohacking is a term generally used to describe health optimization through the application of cutting-edge, scientifically validated insights coming out of the Life Sciences (biochemistry, biophysics, immunology, etc.). In this manner, biohacking is often able to “leap-frog” what Western medicine typically has to offer. Biohackers direct their knowledge, insights and passion towards supporting regenerative health in order to achieve optimized body and cognitive performance. This paradigm shift empowers individuals to largely take back control over their own health. It is no longer accurate to say, I am “fill in the blank” because of my genes. Come expose yourself to a new perspective of what optimized health can and should feel like.