Permaculture Services

Eden Regenerative fosters transformational development of healthy, balanced working relationships with both internal and external environments. As this pertains to the external environment we bring to the fore, principles inherent to permaculture. Permaculture is a land use design method that works by closely observing the natural processes occurring within one’s ecosystem. By recognizing these deep natural patterns we are able to design systems that support ecosystems that regenerate human health and habitation. This information is used in turn to regenerate the site-specific ecosystems and modify human dwellings to move them towards being more resilient and sustainable. This approach is a collaborative effort between the client, Eden Regenerative and a number of talented contractors, contractors and artisans that encompass a wide range of specific skill sets. I further encourage clients to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of permaculture so that we may work together as efficiently as possible.

List of services

Costs associated with permaculture design

Costs are determined by a number of site dependent factors including size of site, the vision held by the client, and the complexity of the design. Clients’ needs range from simple advice through to full permaculture design with or without project management. Our services are geared to serve the full scope of our clients’ interests, needs and desires. Contact Eden Regenerative to begin the discussion and establish cost estimates.


Consultations can be either a simple Phone Consultation or a more in depth Walk-Through assessment of one’s property.

Phone Consultations require an address, parcel number, a plat map with boundary lines (if available) and a description of the vision that you hold for the property. From this information we research the topography, watershed, climate, global climate analogies, seasonal sun cycles, wind and precipitation patterns all relevant to assessing the permaculture potential of your land. Once this information is gathered and assessed a writeup of the findings is produced and follow up with a phone conversation to discuss thoughts, opportunities and challenges that the client is made aware of in accordance with the vision the client holds for the land. An initial phone call is performed to establish a cost estimate that is dependent on the complexity of the vision held by the client.
Walk Through consultations require a physical visit and walk of the property. Time involved in achieving this is dependent on the size of the property and the in-depth needs of the clients vision. A PDF summary of my recommendations in order of priority will be presented to you shortly following the site visit. A property of less than 2 acres generally takes about 3 hours to walk the property and to discuss clients vision.
If a consultation evolves into a more detailed Permaculture Site Design the cost of the initial consult will be deducted from the price of a Permaculture Design.

Permaculture Designs

Following a thorough walk-through site assessment along with concept research a basic permaculture design document will be generated in order to start a more in-depth conversation in regards to your property. Costs associated with such permaculture design process depends on a number of factors, such size of the site and the complexity of the desired features a client wishes to have employed within design. Cost estimates will be discussed early in the process once we have established the extent of the data that is needed collected to achieve the goals laid out through our collaboration. Below are three differing approaches to developing a site design.
Basic Concept Design lays out a general permaculture plan for your property. This is a good place to start for clients who have some experience with permaculture and would like to work on the details of a full design themselves. A basic concept design includes:
Full Designs involve a detailed evaluation of your site and includes implementation details.
Full Design and Project Management
I have a team of local builders and artisans in my local network whom I have vetted in regards to resonating with the principles of permaculture and with whom I have previously worked. I can provide recommendations upon request.

Lectures and Workshops

As an experienced lecturer and workshop facilitator I’m available for scheduling a lecture or workshop for designated groups. Workshop costs are based upon the topic, length and number of participants expected to attend the workshop.